Medical Transcription Training

Train at Home to Work at Home as a Medical Transcriptionist

Want a fulfilling career from the comfort of your home? Medical transcription offers the opportunity to earn a great income completely from home. As a top medical transcription training provider, Career Step has over 25 years of experience preparing learners to excel in this field.

Trust Career Step training to prepare you for:

  • A growing career field – We work closely with hundreds of medical transcription employers, and our partners have more entry-level openings than qualified applicants. With Career Step training, you'll have the skills needed for these openings.
  • Flexible work schedules – Many medical transcriptionists choose their schedules, so you’ll have the freedom to work when it fits your life.
  • Great income and benefits – Medical transcriptionists earn $35,720 a year on average and most are paid on production, which means that the more you work the more you can make.

A career in medical transcription offers the opportunity to earn a great income in the growing healthcare industry from the comfort of your own home.

"It took me 7 months to complete the Career Step program. I was amazed at how much I had gained when it came to testing for employers. Within a week of graduating, I had my first job and let me tell you the training you get from Career Step is just like the work you will receive when you start working. I would definitely recommend Career Step." – Dana (Maple Hill, NC)

With Career Step Medical Transcription and Editing training you can develop the expertise you need to excel in your new field for only $180 a block! (This is a 2 block program.)

This program normally costs , but as a resident of North Carolina you can take advantage of these huge savings and take this full course for only $360.