Certified Patient Care Technician Job Market

Start a Career Caring for People in Need

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Job Duties

When patients are struggling due to illness, age, or injury, you’ll be there to provide basic care and help boost their quality of life. Patient care technician duties include the following responsibilities:

  • Bathing and feeding
  • Placing and managing catheters
  • Collecting lab specimens
  • Monitoring vital signs
  • Cleaning patients’ rooms and supplies
  • Performing EKG and phlebotomy procedures

Work Environment

Most patient care techs work in hospitals, nursing homes, or home care agencies, but some work in doctors’ offices or rehabilitation centers. You’ll get up close and personal with patients who need assistance with personal hygiene and bodily functions, including bathing, eating, and/or eliminating waste. You’ll need to be comfortable moving patients, drawing blood and collecting other lab specimens, changing bandages and catheters, and monitoring vital signs. Maintaining a professional, attentive, and understanding demeanor is important (squeamishness won’t serve you well in this role). You’ll also need to work smoothly with other medical staff and be serious about maintaining a clean environment. Work hours vary from job to job, and the dress code will most likely call for scrubs.

Pay Scale

The salary for this role varies based on facility, location, and experience, but the national average annual income is $31,400.* Employment generally includes health benefits and paid time off.

Industry Demand

As an increasingly large percentage of the population ages, patient care technician jobs are multiplying. Job openings have been projected to increase 28% between 2016 and 2026*, so with quality training, you’re practically guaranteed to get hired quickly.