Medical Administrative Assistant with EHR

Healthcare is changing, which is creating an incredible need for administrative professionals trained on electronic health record (EHR) software. You can meet this need with a career as a Medical Administrative Assistant with Electronic Health Records professional!

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Medical Administrative Assistant with EHR Training
  • Opportunities all across healthcare – Healthcare is one of the largest industries in the country, and the move to electronic records affects the entire industry, creating opportunities for Medical Administrative Assistants with EHR professionals nationwide.
  • Preparation for the future of healthcare – Government healthcare reform and a focus on decreased costs with enhanced patient care are making electronic health records increasingly important. Building a career around this change ensures you're prepared for the future of the industry and are more marketable when you start your job search.
  • Competitive salaries and benefits – EHR office professionals enjoy competitive salaries as well as the potential for traditional employment benefits.

Career Step’s Medical Administrative Assistant with EHR's program offers you:

  • Hands-on experience – Career Step’s training includes over 20 hours of hands-on training with ezEMRx software, an industry-standard, government-certified EHR software platform. This experience makes you more marketable after graduation and should decrease the time you need to spend in on-the-job training after getting hired!
  • Preparation for a rapidly growing career – Employment of Medical Administrative Assistants is expected to grow by 21%, or over 64,000 new jobs, by 2024*, and professionals with EHR expertise will be in the highest demand.
  • Training to excel in the workforce – Quickly gain the skills you need to start working right after graduation, including those required to earn the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant and Certified Electronic Health Record Specialist credentials.

Choose Career Step for the quality education you need to secure a successful healthcare career as a Medical Administrative Assistant.