Top 10 MT/MTE Final Exam Questions Answered (Q&A)

Posted on 12.24.2014

Are you training to be a medical transcriber and worried about the final exam? Here are the top 10 MT/MTE Final Exam Questions Answered (Q&A)

1. How many times can I take the final exam? Is there a waiting period between each exam attempt? Do I need current access to the course to retake the final exam?

You have three final exam testing opportunities. If you pass the final exam, there is not a waiting period between exam attempts. If you do not pass the final exam, you are required to wait two weeks from the date you received your score to retake the exam.

You will need current access to your program for any attempt of the final exam, including retakes.

2. What score do I need to get to pass the final exam?

The final exam is broken down into two scores. You have your Objective score and your Practicum score. You need 85% in each section to pass the final exam.

3. What do I do if I have technical issues during the final exam?

If you experience technical issues during the final exam, it is very important that you contact us immediately via email or phone.  If you are taking the final exam on the weekend or after our regular business hours, please leave a voicemail or send an email. We will respond to your message and work with you on completing the final exam.

4. Is the final exam open book? Will I be able to still access my program?

The final exam is open book and open resource. You will be able to access your program, as well. However, you are not allowed to use human resources during the exam (e.g. talking to a friend, posting on the forum, etc.).

5. If I pass the Objective and not the Practicum, do I need to retake the Objective?

If you pass one section of the final exam and not the other, when you retake you can just retake the section you did not pass.

6. Do I need to request my final exam?

Depending on what course you are enrolled in will determine how you take your final exam. If you are enrolled in the MT course, you will need to fill out the final exam request form located in the Final Exam Preparation module. If you are enrolled in the MTE course, you will find your final exam on the last page of the Final Exam Preparation module. Once you start your final exam your 48 hours will start and continuously run until your time is up.

7. Will the final exam cover everything we learned from all the modules or just from the midterm point to the final modules? How long is the Practicum section?

The final exam consists of two portions. The Objective will cover information on the first half of the course to the Midterm (excluding Keyboard Kinetics). The Practicum will have reports to transcribe and/or edit.

For the MTE exam, there are 4 transcription reports and 2 editing reports. For the MT exam, there are 8 transcription reports. Both exams contain a total of 17-20 minutes of audio to transcribe/edit. The final exam reports are a moderate difficulty level and similar to the level students will see on employment testing.

8. How much time do I get to take the final exam? Can I log out during the final exam?

You will have 48 consecutive hours from the time you start your exam to complete and submit the exam. The testing system will allow you to save your work and return to the exam after a break. We encourage you to take breaks during the final exam—it’s important to keep your mind fresh!

9. How do I know if my final exam was submitted properly? How am I notified of my final exam results?

Once you submit your final exam, you will see a notification on your screen that you final exam was submitted successfully. Please feel free to contact Skills Assessment if you want to check on your final exam submission.

10. Where do I find more information online about the final exam?

We always encourage students enrolled in our medical transcription training online to skip ahead to the Final Exam Preparation module if they want to get more information about the final exam. You can also contact Skills Assessment at 1-888-657-5752, option 3 or if you have any questions about the final exam.