Job Market for Medical Office Managers

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Job Duties

What does an office manager do in a medical office? A lot. You’ll be a crucial member of the team and a critical part of keeping the medical office running smoothly, particularly in terms of administration and billing. Medical office manager duties vary job to job, but a day in your new life will probably include:

  • Overseeing day-to-day operations
  • Providing quality customer service
  • Answering patients’ billing questions
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Managing billing and collections
  • Verifying patients' insurance
  • Updating electronic health records
  • Completing and submitting insurance claims
  • Reviewing unpaid and denied claims

Work Environment

Medical office managers are needed in almost every type of healthcare facility coast to coast. You’ll be able to easily adapt your broad skills to jobs in hospitals, doctors’ offices, skilled nursing facilities, and home health agencies, among others. You’ll also be job-ready for positions in both the medical administrative assistant and medical billing fields. Further specializing and certifying in medical coding and billing will open even more job opportunities and upward mobility to you.

Pay Scale

How much does a medical office manager make? Annual salaries vary by employer, location, and experience. But according to the U.S. Department of Labor, the median medical office manager salary is $40,350 a year. The middle 50% of medical office managers nationwide earn between $32,070 to $52,730 annually. The top 90% of medical office managers earn $66,260 annually.

The bottom line? You can make a good income with great job security and the potential for employee benefits.

Industry Demand

Becoming a medical office manager is a great career choice and it’s getting even better. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates 11% job growth in the field that includes medical office managers. That means in the coming years you’ll be able to take your pick of over 23,000 new positions. (That’s serious job security!)