Train for a Career as a Medical Biller

CareerStep’s Medical Billing program prepares you to take patient information and data and use it to submit claims for reimbursement and collect payment for the services provided. This incredibly important work is needed in every healthcare facility. The career path offers many benefits:

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Financial security

Medical billers enjoy competitive salaries, averaging between $30,990 and $51,350 annually, and the potential for traditional employment benefits.

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Growing demand

Employment opportunities for medical billers are expected to grow 13% by 2026, helping to ensure a high job demand.

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Critical work

Medical billers are an essential component of every healthcare facility, coordinating reimbursements and helping their employer operate effectively.

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Job security

Healthcare is one of the largest industries in the nation and includes a wide range of career opportunities outside of clinical patient care.

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Quick completion timeline

Our program is designed so you can be trained and working in as little as four months with CareerStep’s flexible, online course.

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Expert-designed training

Our online classes are designed by experts using employer recommendations and feedback to ensure you gain exactly the skills needed to start work right after completing your training.

Over 140,000 CareerStep learners can’t be wrong. Choose CareerStep and train to become a medical biller from the comfort of your home with our flexible program, and change the course of your life.

Medical Billing Job Description and Earning Potential

What will I be doing as a medical biller?

medical billing1Medical billers are incredibly important in every healthcare facility. They are responsible to take all the data provided about a patient and use it to submit claims for reimbursement and collect payment for the services provided. Other day-to-day responsibilities often include registering patients and verifying their insurance coverage, reviewing and appealing unpaid or denied claims, answering patients’ billing questions, handling collections on unpaid accounts, and managing the facility’s accounts receivable reports.

Medical billers work in almost every type of healthcare facility, including hospitals, doctors' offices, skilled nursing facilities, and home health agencies, among others. You may also be able to find positions with insurance companies and specialized medical billing outsource companies.

How much can I make in medical billing?

medical billing2Salaries for medical billers vary by employer, geographic location, and experience. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that the middle 50% of medical billers earn between $30,990 and $51,350 a year.

Training with CareerStep will prepare you for a medical billing-specific career so you can complete your training ready to earn your industry certification and start working right away.

Need a new career? CareerStep can help!

Our online courses allow you to train on the schedule and pace that fits your life. They are also designed to provide foundational skills and knowledge that helps people get jobs.

Medical Billing Training Program

How Long Will the Training Take?

The Medical Billing training program includes 180 hours of training and is designed to be completed in 3 months of full-time study. However, the online format allows you to study on your own schedule and at your own pace, so your course includes 6 months of program access in case you need extra time.

What Will I Be Learning?

The CareerStep online Medical Billing training program has a comprehensive design:

  • Medical terminology
  • Payers, payment systems, and reimbursement methodologies
  • How billing and collections works
  • Changes related to the Affordable Care Act
  • Bundled payments
  • Basics of billing software tools
  • Brief introduction to medical coding
  • Office communication

The online Medical Billing program also helps you gain hands-on experience working with and understanding industry forms such as 837, UB-04, and CMS-1500. You’ll learn how to fill out this paperwork and then practice by completing several forms yourself. This experience will prepare you for the Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS) industry certification exam. (We even include a voucher to take this exam after course completion--a $115 value!)

Want more details about exactly what's included in the program? Download the program brochure to learn more or review the learning objectives for each module.

How does CareerStep training pay off for learners?

Our career advisors are passionate about helping learners find jobs. Watch this video to hear about all the resources they can provide.

Medical Billing Course Pricing

How Much Does the Medical Billing Training Cost?

Everything you need to succeed is included in one, low price of .

This fee entitles you to an initial 6 months of access to the Medical Billing course. The program is designed to be completed in 3 months of full-time study, and we provide you 6 months of course access to ensure you have the time you need.

Are Payment Plans or Financial Assistance Available?

CareerStep is committed to providing you with an affordable career training experience. A finance option is available.

What is Included With My Training Program?

Everything you need to succeed is included with your CareerStep program. You'll have:

  • Complete online access to expert-created training
  • One-on-one help from your trainer and our technical support team
  • Career support designed to help you turn your career training into a job
  • Voucher to take the CBCS certification exam upon course completion (a $115 value)
  • 180 hours of course material

Medical Billing Program FAQs

Get answers to the most common and important questions about getting started in the Medical Billing program at CareerStep. Our FAQs section provides answers to help you make an informed decision about your career training.

Medical billing is crucial to the business of healthcare. A facility or practice would be out of business very quickly without medical billers to handle the reimbursement process for all services provided. Medical billers gather all of the data provided on a patient and use it to submit claims for reimbursement and collect payment for the services provided. Though specific responsibilities vary from location to location, medical billers typically see a claim all the way through payment, managing claim denials and handling all appeals if necessary.

Medical billers can be found working in a variety of healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, skilled nursing facilities, and home health agencies, among others. Positions can also be found in insurance companies and specialized medical billing companies. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that this field will grow by 13% between 2016 and 2026, which equates to nearly 28,000 new jobs.

The U.S. Department of Labor report states that the middle 50% of medical billing professionals nationwide earn between $30,990 and $51,350 annually. You may also qualify for traditional employment benefits as a medical biller.

Certification is not required for employment. There are very few medical billing certifications available, and employers look more closely at career training and hands-on experience. However, as a CareerStep Medical Billing learner, you will be prepared to earn the Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS) certification offered by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA). You'll even receive a voucher to take this exam upon completing the course--a $115 value!

CareerStep has been training quality professionals for over 20 years and offers a comprehensive training program that prepares individuals to work as medical billers. With CareerStep, you can train affordably without sacrificing quality, learn from comprehensive training developed by industry professionals, take advantage of live learner and career support, and quickly gain the specialized skills you need to succeed as a medical biller--including familiarity with the changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act and how to work with bundled payments. We're committed to helping you achieve your goals, and CareerStep provides everything you need to succeed!

Watch our CareerStep introduction video to learn why CareerStep is a great choice!

Medical coders and billers work closely together, and their jobs are interrelated. In the reimbursement process, medical coders take a patient’s medical record and assign standardized codes to diagnoses, tests, treatments, and procedures. Meanwhile, medical billers gather all data on a patient (including their coded chart) to compile and submit claims for payment. Medical coding requires an understanding of clinical terms and concepts in addition to complex code sets. Medical billers must be more finance oriented.

CareerStep has a number of training programs to prepare individuals for either of these career fields. The Professional Medical Coding and Billing program is designed to prepare individuals to be medical coders. These programs include a lot of training on medical coding and an overview of basic billing concepts. The Medical Billing program prepares individuals for careers as specialized medical billers. Learners become familiar with all of the ins and outs of billing with a brief introduction to coding. Determining the right training program depends on your career goals.

In order to be admitted, you must be at least 18 years of age and either a) have a high school diploma or a General Education Development Certificate (GED), or b) pass the CareerStep Pre-Training Assessment Test. There are no specific skills or experience that are considered prerequisites for entry into the CareerStep training program.

The CareerStep Medical Billing program is offered entirely online, providing 24/7 access to all material and allowing you to progress through the course material on your own schedule and at your own pace. The program is broken into modules, or course subjects, all of which focus on helping you build the essential knowledge and skills of a medical biller. The course includes 180 hours of training material.

See what makes CareerStep different in our quick introduction.

CareerStep learner support includes access to:

  • Learner Support Trainers and Advisors who have professional experience in the industry and are uniquely qualified to answer questions about both the training and the industry. They provide timely answers to questions about the program material and offer a number of personal consultations throughout the training to help learners master important concepts.
  • Technical Support Advisors who are knowledgeable and experienced can help you work through any technical or computer issues encountered within the training program.
  • Career Support Advisors who help you transition to the workforce after course completion. Your Career Advisors will help prepare the best resume, develop solid interview skills, and teach you valuable job search techniques.

Though the course is entirely online, you'll never be on your own. CareerStep's learner support team is available to offer personal, ongoing support all the way through the training program.

See what a few CareerStep learners had to say about their experiences with CareerStep’s learner support.

The CareerStep Medical Billing training program is 180 completion hours. Since the program is completely self-paced and the online training format allows you the flexibility to study as much or as little as your schedule allows, the time it takes you to complete the course will vary from other learners. Some learners are able to complete their training program in as little as 1 or 2 months and others, who are more limited in the time they can devote to the course, take longer (for example, learners who can devote about 10 hours a week may finish in about 4 months).

Every learner who signs up for the CareerStep Medical Billing training program receives an initial 6-month period of course access. Though the program is designed to be completed in 3 months of full-time study, you'll have a full 6 months to complete your training. If you need extra time to complete the course after your initial 6-month of access, we have extensions available for purchase.

CareerStep offers personalized, career resources for your job search, including:

  • Personal consultation with a Career Advisor
  • New job opening notifications
  • Personalized interview tutorials and training
  • Individual resume and cover letter review, tips, and advice
  • A voucher to take the CBCS exam upon course completion (a $115 value)
  • Access to CareerStep's help hotline for 6 months after course completion

These resources offer the personalized help you need after you complete your training to transition to the workplace. With this individualized help and attention, the majority of our learners are hired within a few months of completing their training.

Learn more about CareerStep’s career support in this quick interview with several of our Career Advisors.

Your course includes everything you will need to train for a successful career in medical coding and billing. Your course includes:

  • Access to expert-created training
  • One-on-one help from learner and technical support
  • A voucher to take the CBCS exam upon course completion (a $115 value)
  • Valuable career resources

We realize that one of the most important questions tied to career training is how it will be paid for. Because this is such a big part of the decision of whether or not to go back to school, CareerStep has designed several payment options. Please visit our Financial Assistance page for more information.

It takes 2-3 business days to process the application, depending on method of payment. Once the payment is processed you will be emailed your course login and password and can start training immediately. Additional course materials are shipped UPS Ground after the payment is processed. The average wait is about 7-10 days. Your coding reference materials will be sent after you reach a certain point in the training program to ensure that you receive the most up-to-date materials.

*Conditions apply.