3 Ways to Sell Yourself in a Dental Job Interview

Posted on 08.25.2021

Sell yourself before, during, and after the dental job interview

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No matter which of the many dental jobs you might be interested in, knowing how to sell yourself in a job interview is crucial. This is your opportunity to talk about your strengths and convince the interviewer why they should hire you over all your peers hoping for the same opportunity. While it’s great advice to just be yourself, you’ll want to be sure to be your best self. 

Here are some job prep suggestions so you can sell yourself before, during, and after the dental job interview.

Before the Interview

Before the job interview even begins, you can start selling yourself as a top hire. Dentistry IQ recommends gathering the following materials for your interview preparation: 

  • Extra resume
  • List of references
  • Contact information of professional references

If you have your dental assistant certification, you’ll also want to bring evidence of completion, and if your job interview is in person, make sure you know how to find the place in advance. You want to show strong time-management skills by being punctual. If your interview is virtual, double-check you have a strong internet connection and the correct link to avoid technical glitches. 

During the Interview

Remember, your resume and cover letter are what helped you land the job interview. Now it’s time to let your personality shine. Dress appropriately, no matter how casual the office or workplace may seem, and don’t forget to smile. You might feel nervous, but you’ll want to put the interviewers at ease with a friendly face. Dentistry IQ recommends you plan to speak for only one-third of the time. A good general rule is to keep your answers to less than three minutes. Stay focused in your answers and always reiterate why you want the job or think you’d be a good fit.

After the Interview

Once the interview has ended, you might think you don’t have to keep selling yourself. This is not true. You’ll want to continue to leave a good impression. The best way to do this is to write a thank-you note. Here’s a few reasons why you should take the time to write a thank-you note:

  • It shows you’re serious about the position
  • It keeps you from being forgotten
  • It gives you an opportunity to provide additional information

If you aren’t comfortable writing thank-you notes, here’s a simple, standardized template for you to follow.

  • Subject line (if email) 
  • Personalized greeting
  • Note of appreciation
  • Recap of your qualifications
  • Prompt to take the next step
  • Contact information

We know interviews can be nerve-wracking. But if these tips are any indication, job interviewing is a skill that can be developed. And CareerStep has an entire support team dedicated to helping learners complete their training and find meaningful work.

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