Flexibility & Convenience: Benefits of Online Education

Ready for the next installment in our Benefits of Online Education series? So far we’ve looked at our entire Top 10 List and the benefits of Choice and Savings. Today we’re going to take a look at the next two benefits on our list… drum roll, please… flexibility and convenience!

It seems that flexibility and convenience are becoming the buzz words of our day and age. Everywhere you look there’s a new product that claims to make your life more convenient or a social discussion on the need for flexibility—in the workplace, the home, society in general, etc. There’s no question that our modern pace of life demands that we find flexible and convenient solutions in almost every aspect of our lives—and education is no different.

Fitting school in around work and family responsibilities can be a real challenge. Going back to school with an online career training program gives students the flexibility to study on the schedule that fits their lives.

As we touched on in our last post, online programs hold the biggest appeal for non-traditional students—those who are going back to school after years away. They’re typically older and they have work and/or family responsibilities that keep them busy and limit their opportunities to attend class. Flexibility is a HUGE requirement for them, which is why online training fits the bill so well.

Online education offers students the opportunity to study whenever it fits into their lives—whether that’s at 5 a.m. before the kids wake up, on their lunch hour, or for a few hours late at night. Students no longer have to worry about missing class because of work or missing a parent-teacher conference because they had to study. Online education allows students to fit education into their lives instead of re-organizing their lives around education.

Online training makes education more convenient for students living in rural areas, those with health concerns or disabilities, and those who frequently travel or move.

It’s not always easy to get to class. You may have to commute long distances, battle with health problems that make it hard to go out, juggle babysitting or daycare schedules, fit classes in around frequent business trips, or any number of things. Online training makes education more convenient.

Online education has opened up training opportunities to many who were traditionally underserved by higher education institutions. By shortening the commute to simply a walk to the computer, providing the opportunity to study when you’re feeling your best, letting students learn when their children are occupied or napping, and allowing frequent travelers to study no matter where they are, convenient online training has made it possible for nearly anyone to go back to school.

There’s no denying that flexibility and convenience are huge drivers behind the demand for online education, but what have you seen in your experience? Are students truly looking for flexible and convenient education options or are these just nice perks?

In our next Benefits of Online Education post we’ll take a look at instructor and student interaction and networking opportunities. See you next time!

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40 thoughts on “Flexibility & Convenience: Benefits of Online Education

  1. Tresa Deetz says:

    Online class was the only option I considered when wanting to update my skills. I have been out of the work environment for many years and find myself needing to rejoin the work force. However, being an “older” adult attending classes at a college was not going to work for me, where online classes fit my daily schedule perfectly and I enjoy the self paced environment.

    • Anne Turner says:

      Tesa, we are happy to hear that you have found a solution! Taking online classes can be beneficial for adult learners because of the flexibility! You can study anywhere you want to at your own pace.

  2. Ridley Fitzgerald says:

    Getting an online education sounds like a great idea. I love the fact that it can be so flexible with my schedule. With three kids, I definitely wouldn’t be able to go to school during the day!

    • Career Step says:

      Ridley, that is one of the many reasons our students choose Career Step! For many, it is easier to study online rather than go to a local school for career training.

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  4. Richa parashar says:

    Online course made easier learning for any background of people and every walks of life.It made easier learning for those who are crippled.

  5. Kellykog says:

    I am extremely busy working a 40 hour week job and caring for my family. I have to have flexibility to study and do class work 24 hours a day. Online classes are a life saver for me.

  6. Linda Van Horssen says:

    Realizing that we are always learning to live better, will awaken our understanding that we can enlarge our experience by deciding to formally learn anything we’re interested in, or that we need to increase our understanding of.

  7. Kate says:

    I’ve been unable to drive for 6 months due to a medical disability and the convenience of on-line learning has allowed me to brush up on skills despite not being able to make it to the traditional classroom at my local community college. On line learning is a great equalizer, erasing boundaries of urban/rural, the disabled and the able-bodied. I just hope that the online course provider that I’m going to take courses from puts as much thought as possible into how to make the course a”problem-solving” course where the learner is constructing knowledge rather than simply passively acquiring it and then regurgitating it on brainless multiple choice, or true-false exams. I’m hopeful and can only know by trying.

    • mbunderson says:

      Kate, we agree, online learning is a great equalizer and is a perfect fit for many people for a variety of reasons. We offer online career training programs in healthcare, administration, technology, and other continuing education programs that are developed by experts and contain practical experience to help you succeed.

      For example, our Medical Transcription program is broken into modules, or course subjects, with the first half devoted to building your knowledge base while the second half is an extensive practicum designed to help you gain the practical experience you need to smoothly transition into the workplace after graduation.

      Please feel free to contact our team of Academic Advisors directly at 1-800-411-7073 with any questions you might have. They would love to help you find a career training program that’s right for you.

      Hope that helps! Best wishes. 🙂

  8. Mariejan Goss says:

    Having started two non-profit organizations in my lifetime I was unexpectedly asked to assist my son in his new and growing for-profit business. Having some background experience in business, I accepted the challenge. I realized however that I would need help learning how to navigate in a different type of business that I was accustomed too. I’m currently working two part-time jobs and the online classes is my best and only option to gain the knowledge I’m going to need to assist him. I’m so very grateful for online classes and the advantages they pose.

  9. Matthew Tesoriero says:

    I find online courses very convenient because it allowed me to pace myself appropriately. I like that I don’t have to travel.

    • mbunderson says:

      Matthew, I’m glad you appreciate the convenience of online education, I couldn’t agree more.

      Have a great day!

  10. Janjay kamara says:

    I’m so grateful to be in an online school, because it’s have all the helpful tools that with encourage you and make u learn to become someone in the future.

  11. Lyric Erhabor says:

    Online courses are great because one can study on a schedule that fits their needs. Online education provides an opportunity for students to continue where learning on their schedule and their pace.

  12. Ashley Wright says:

    Great blog!! thanks for sharing this information, this has really helped me as I was thinking of Online homeschooling for my children and I had doubt that is been cleared with this article. Thanks for sharing such great information this would definitely help a lot of parents who are things of starting online schooling for their children.

  13. wanda says:

    The flexibility to complete learning online is very convenient for me. As a business owner, I can learn at my own pace. My schedule doesn’t allow me to be in a classroom setting, yet I am sure that the instructors highly qualified, This article addresses this important fact.

  14. Yvonne Hamilton says:

    I am also excited about my new venture of online learning. I have taken a few online classes in the past when I was earning my Bachelors degree. Looking forward to the challenge and convenience of doing something to enhance my skills.

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  16. Megan Alder says:

    I love that you mentioned that online classes are the best way to go for those who live in rural areas, those with health concerns, and those who travel. I’ve always been a person that likes to g=live the experience of being at different places, but I’ve always dreamt about taking a biomedical equipment technology degree. Your article encouraged me to start looking for a school where I can start my career, and yet still be able to travel.

  17. Rosie Beckett says:

    My mom is thinking about going back to school because she was never able to graduate college after having my twin sister and me in the middle of her sophomore year. She is thinking about taking online classes because it could be more convenient with her full-time job as a fitness instructor. Thank you for explaining that one huge perk of online education is that my mom won’t have to worry about making a commute to school.

  18. Shelby Moore says:

    Online learning has always been my preference. The first time I took an online class I was in high school. I knew from that first class that online courses were for me. In addition to the fact that you can manage your class work from home and not have to commute, but also being able to learn at my own pace is a deal breaker for me. One necessity in achieving your personal goals is being self driven, which is a must with online classes. Your post really explains the benefits of online learning. Thank you for sharing!

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