Healthcare IT Training

Prepare for a Rewarding Technology Career in Healthcare

Develop the skills you need to work at the crossroads of two of the largest industries in the nation. The U.S. Department of Labor expects over 2.8 million new healthcare jobs and over 650,000 new technology jobs by 2022. Health information technicians also fall among other professionals with reported annual average salaries of over $52,000*.

Choose Career Step Healthcare IT training for:

  • Industry certification prep – Graduate with the skills you need to earn CompTIA A+ certification as well as the CMAA and CEHRS credentials immediately upon graduation—exam vouchers are even included with the program (a $570 value)!
  • Quick timelines and focused training – Choose real-world focused training, designed by experienced industry experts, that can have you career-ready in a year or less.
  • Unlimited instructor support – With unlimited, one-on-one access to dedicated instructors with years of professional experience, you’ll have the help you need to succeed.

Healthcare IT is becoming more and more important to providing quality patient care, and this program can help you quickly prepare for these employment opportunities and high salaries.

With Career Step Healthcare IT training you can develop the expertise you need to excel in your new field for only $180 a block! (This is a 2 block program.)

This program normally costs in tuition, but as a resident of North Carolina you can take advantage of these huge tuition savings and take this full course for only $360.

Military spouses may qualify for special funding. Visit our Military page for more information.

*U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics