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A Tiny Investment for Infinite Success

You’re busy. You’ve got bills to pay. And you need stability. With one small investment, you could find the peace of mind, salary, and job satisfaction you’ve been looking for as a Medical Administrative Assistant. And guess what? You could have it all in just a few short months.

  • 276 Hours of Study

  • 4 Month Program Completion Time

  • $35,760 Average Annual Salary*

  • 11% Predicted Job Growth Through 2028*

This Could Be the Perfect Job for You

As a medical administrative assistant, you’ll be in charge of providing stellar customer service to patients and keeping a medical office running smoothly. That includes, among various other daily tasks, scheduling appointments, verifying insurance, and submitting claims. With this program you’ll also get EHR training, which means you’ll be qualified to prepare and update patients’ electronic health records. Bonus!

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4 Reasons to Complete Your Medical Administrative Assistant Training With CareerStep

Qualify in three months.

This program includes 276 hours of study, which will prep you to pass the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) and Certified Electronic Health Record Specialist (CEHRS) exams. If you need more time, take it! (You have up to six months to complete the course.)

Start your career ASAP.

CareerStep training quickly lands learners rewarding jobs as medical administration assistants, because employers trust the quality of the program. It doesn’t hurt that the outlook for this job is great, either.

Stand on stable ground.

Responsible, capable workers who are armed with training can plan on a steady, stable, profitable career in medical administration assistance.

Go easy on your bank account.

Our online medical administrative assistant program is fund-friendly. We set competitive course fees and make them easy to pay (because helping you start a new career is our #1 goal).

Our Happy Learners Say It Best

"I had been working in the same job for many years. This year I decided that I really wanted to help people and feel like my job mattered. The course offers so much more than I imagined and I love the convenience of being able to study when it’s best for me. I feel prepared for my new career and I believe it was both time and money well spent."

Letitia F.

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1. Start today.

Begin your training (and transformation) right now.


2. Finish fast.

Complete your training in record-time.


3. Get hired.

With community support and interview training.

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Program Details

Here’s how to become a certified medical administrative assistant without compromising your current schedule (or your sanity).

  • 4-Month Completion
  • Self-Paced Study
  • Anywhere, Anytime Learning
  • 1:1 (Human) Support
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What You'll Learn

You’ll end this program with all the knowledge needed to keep a medical office running smoothly—plus, you’ll be certified to manage electronic health records.

Computer Basics

Get acquainted with the computer programs you’ll use to create documents, organize information, and communicate digitally.

Healthcare 101

Learn basic anatomy, medical terminology, and medical law and ethics.

Office & Record Management

Acquire the skills to effectively manage daily office duties, process payments, and maintain medical health records.

Exam Prep

Know what’s required to take and pass the final course exam, which will prepare you for CMAA and CEHRS certification.

Your Questions—Answered

This course is designed to take 276 hours of study, which you can complete in as little as three months or as long as six months.

Yes. Paying the full fee when you sign up is the most cost-effective choice, but we do offer payment plans and financial assistance for this program. Learn more on the course description page.

Salaries for this job vary based on location and experience, but the average medical admin assistant makes $35,760 per year.*

The outlook is sunny. Healthcare roles like this one are expected to add 11% more jobs by 2028.*

Medical office administrative assistants basically run the show at the front desk. They answer patient phone calls, schedule appointments, manage payments, and update health records.

Training People Trust

Get Trained. Get Hired.

This program includes unparalleled training, career support, and coaching. It’s a faster, cheaper alternative to traditional schooling.

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Need a Hand With the Fee? We Got Your Back.

Payment Plans

Yeah, it costs less to pay up front, but we know that doesn’t work for everyone. We offer a payment plan for those who need a bit more leeway.

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Let the Government Pay Your Way

The My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) program offers funding for this program for eligible military spouses. If you think that might be you, find out! You could earn medical administrative assistant certification without touching any of your own money.

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