5 Types of People Meant for Medical Transcription

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing your career. The job you enjoy could be another person’s worst nightmare, which means that choosing a career means finding something you’re good at, comfortable with, and enjoy doing. Certain jobs are perfect fits for different types of people though, so let’s take a quick look at 5 different types of people who make great medical transcriptionists.

Former Nurses
Nurses know a lot about the world of medicine. They are familiar with terminology and know the importance of maintaining accuracy when it comes to patient records. This is exactly why they can make great medical transcriptionists.

Nurses can complement their healthcare experience with a medical transcriptionist course from a reputed school—like Career Step. Their nursing training and experience gives them a head start toward being a great medical transcriptionist because they already know the terminology, anatomy, and pharmacology as well as how important it is for the records to be complete and accurate.

Transitioning to a medical transcription career is a great option for nurses because it allows them to work from home and doesn’t require them to work long hours. The medical transcription industry isn’t hands-on like nursing so there are no odd hours, double shifts, or emergencies keeping them away from their family and friends for long periods of time.

Stay-at-home Moms
Often, stay-at-home moms are looking for a way to work from home—whether they’re looking for a way to financially contribute to their families or they just want to work for personal reasons. Medical transcription is an ideal career for these mothers as it offers flexible hours and good pay. It’s also a great choice because with Career Step, stay-at-home moms can complete their training from home as well.

At-home medical transcriptionists can work as independent contractors or full-time or part-time employees, and stay-at-home moms can find a position that works for their family’s situation. Transcription work also pays based on how much work gets done, so the more you work (or the more efficiently you work), the more you get paid.

Military Spouses
Military spouses are asked to make a lot of sacrifices. With all the moving and relocation that happens with the military, it’s hard to get on solid ground with a career. Medical transcription is a portable career—a profession you can take with you no matter where you live. Advances in technology make it easy for military spouses to work from home as medical transcriptionists and make good money.

Those with Health Challenges
Anyone who has experienced a debilitating disease or a serious accident knows it can bring a career to a screeching halt. So what do you do when you can’t get to work or are forced to change careers? Medical transcription is a great option for those recovering from an illness or accident or who are unable to leave their homes for long stretches of time. Individuals can choose to work from home part-time or full-time depending on their abilities.

Champion Typists
Are you a speed demon on the keyboard? Medical transcriptionists spend lots of time with their keyboards as they’re transforming doctors’ dictation into written reports, so the ability to type fast is a huge asset. Since transcriptionists are paid on a per-line basis, the faster you type (as long as you’re accurate too) means more money.

Typing skills aside, champion typists still need training in topics such as medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and legal issues related to healthcare documentation in order to become successful medical transcriptionists. With all of these combined, they can be very successful in this career.

Career Step offers online training programs in medical transcription that are flexible, affordable, and comprehensive. If you think you would love a more flexible career in the healthcare industry, check out our medical transcription certification program and take the first step toward a brighter future right now!

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