How to Find Pharmacy Technician Jobs

Posted on 06.27.2017

Maybe you’re a newly minted Certified Pharmacy Technician, or you are looking into CareerStep’s Pharmacy Technician training program. Either way, when you’ve finished your training and externship and aced the PTCB exam or ExCPT exams, you’ll be on the hunt for pharmacy technician jobs.

But how do you land that first job?

Prepare for your application

To begin, you’ll need a resume to begin applying for jobs. Your resume needs to be very specific, and definitely needs to include the following if you are seeking pharmacy technician jobs.

Highlight your certification as a pharmacy technician. It’s a huge plus pharmacists love to see. It tells them you’re ready to start working and already have the training you need to succeed.

List your graduation dates, as well as the name of the pharmacy technician training program and school. You many also want to list some of the modules you’ve studied to emphasize your knowledge of pharmacy work.

Emphasize your pharmacy technician externship. Don’t forget as a certified pharmacy technician, you’ve already had to get some prior experience working in a pharmacy during your externship.

Draw attention to any relevant past work experience, especially in retail or other customer service related jobs. Pharmacy technicians work with people nearly all day long. If you can demonstrate that you’ve had customer service experience, it will make you look even better.

As a final tip for your preparation, make sure you have someone check over your resume for spelling and grammar mistakes! A second set of eyes will always help make you look even more professional.

With your resume in hand, it’s time to start looking for your next career opportunity.

Job Postings

If you want quick access to a lot of job postings, hit up online job boards such as or Many of these websites will let you create an online resume or profile you can post to allow employers to find you. You can also use your online profile to apply to jobs quickly.

Large pharmacy chains such as Walgreens or CVS often post their openings on their websites. Visit their websites and scroll to the bottom and you’ll find a “careers” or “job opportunities” link that will allow you to search for pharmacy technician job openings. Make sure you fill out the application forms completely. If you’ve already

Many pharmacy technician jobs may not ever be posted on job boards or public forums. But how can you find a job that isn’t even posted? Visit your local pharmacy in person and ask if they have any openings. Be sure to come dressed professionally and with a copy of your resume on hand to give the pharmacy manager. If they don’t have an opening currently, be sure to ask if you can leave your resume with them and to give you a call if a job opens in the future.

If you are you looking to start your career as a pharmacy technician, check out CareerStep’s Pharmacy Technician program!