3M Encoder Video Demo for CareerStep

Posted on 06.28.2016

This 8 minute video demonstrates how to use the 3M Encoder for the CareerStep training program.  It is designed to be referenced in context with the Coding Practicum module, for the Inpatient 3M Encoder unit.  The basic steps of using the encoder as described in the module are shown in the video.  It may be beneficial to “see” the process rather than just referencing the screen shots and instructions found in the module online.  The encoder software can be helpful to the coder to be more productive.  Often it is quicker to type in a term to select the appropriate sub-term choices-ultimately leading to a code selection- rather than turning and turning pages through the ICD-10 books.  For the inpatient setting using an encoder is essential to determine the DRG (diagnosis-related group) for reimbursement. Hope it will be beneficial! Best of luck in the practicum.